RDTA Atomizers

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Aromamizer Supreme RDTA Limited Edition tank

Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme RDTA Limited Edition comes with 4ml and 7ml capacity and velocity-sty..


Atom Vapes Apocalypse RDTA 4ml 24mm Tank

The Atom Vapes Apocalypse RDTA features a large Velocity style deck and a patented DRIPT filling sys..


Augvape Merlin RDTA 3.5ml Tank

New Augvape Merlin RDTA Tank is coming out, it combined RTA and RDA, it is easy to use and enjoy a g..


Authentic Nicomore M1 RDTA 2ml tank

Nicomore M1 tank: It's completely beyond the traditional designing ideas. Its conflict and unificati..


Authentic Smoant Battlestar RDTA 4.5ml atomizer

SMOANT Battlestar RDTA atomizer has a extremely big build deck for easy wicking and coils building. ..


Coil Art Azeroth RDTA 4.0ml

CoilArt presents the AZEROTH RDTA! The makers of the Mage RTA Tank has released another pr..


Coil Master Genesis RDTA Tank 6ml

The first RDTA designed and manufactured by Coil Master. Sporting an innovative gold plated velocity..


CoilArt MAGE Combo RDTA Tank 4.0ml

CoilART released the new MAGE COMBO RDTA&RDA Atomizer right now .the e-juice capacity is 4.0ml ,..



Here comes the DEJAVU DJV RDTA! It is an innovative rebuildable tank designed by Adrian Lo Dejavu fr..


Freemax Starre RDTA Mini Tank - 2ml

Freemax Starre RDTA Mini Tank - 2ml, supports all sorts of heating elements in the market. With top ..


Freemax Starre RDTA Tank - 5ml

Freemax Starre RDTA Tank - 5ml, supports all sorts of heating elements in the market. With top reifl..


Geek Vape Medusa Reborn RDTA 3.5ml Tank

The Geek Vape Medusa Reborn RDTA provides effective enhancement to the Medusa platform, presenting t..


GeekVape Medusa RDTA 3ml tank

Medusa is one of the best creations by Geekvape. It is a new generation RDTA with simplified inner s..


GEMZ Lucky Star RDTA 3ml Tank

GEMZ Lucky Star RDTA: Characterized by a diameter of 24mm and a capacity of 3ml, and easy filling by..


HOP N Vape KOF RDTA Tank 3ml

The Flavor Beast Mode - 3 tubes airflow blow straightly on coil No matter what kind of coil you use,..


IJOY Combo RDTA Tank 6.5ml

iJoy COMBO RDTA TANK is another ingenuity work after IJOY Combo RDTA Tank, which has been impro..


iJoy COMBO Squonk RDTA Tank 4ml

The COMBO Squonk RDTA is the first RDTA innovative atomizer with Squonk pin to work with any Squonk ..


IJOY Limitless RDTA Classic Edition

The iJoy LIMITLESS RDTA Classic Edition features a interchangeable decks design. The pre-instal..


iJoy Limitless Two Post RDTA Tank

Limitless RDTA atomizer is the newest product release from Limitless Mod Co. The Limitless RDTA 2 Po..


iJoy RDTA 5 tank 25mm atomizer

iJoy as the leader of RDTA category, continue to introduce new, overthrow the past, reshaping t..


IJOY RDTA 5S 24mm Top Fill tank

The iJoy RDTA 5S tank is the sixth generation model in the RDTA line and implements an innovati..


Kanger DOTA RDTA Tank 4ml

The Kanger DOTA RDTA (Rebuildable Drip Tank Atomizer) is a 25mm rebuildable tank which features..


Limitless RDTA Plus 6.3ml Atomizer

The Limitless RDTA PLUS tankis a rebuildable genesis styled tank which features the best of bot..


OBS Frost Wyrm RDTA Tank 3.3ml

OBS Frost Wyrm Tank is designed with pom drip tip, which has more endurable and enviromrnt friendly ..